Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl gF
Moist char-grilled chicken breast & stir-fried fresh veggies on a bed of rice pilaf with teriyaki sauce.

Garlic Shrimp Rice Bowl gF
Crisp fried shrimp tossed in feisty garlic butter over stir-fried fresh veggies and rice pilaf.

Grill-Fired Pizza!
9” thin-crust pizza cooked directly on our 600 degree char-grill with marinara sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onions & red bell peppers, and a blend of Italian melty cheeses.

Char-Grilled Chicken Sliders
Moist slices of char-grilled boneless chicken breast piled on mini rolls with apple slaw and our house fresh herb sauce.

Garlic Steak Sliders
Char-grilled marinated tri-tip sirloin steak sandwiches on mini rolls with garlic butter and horseradish sauce.
See our Char-grilled steak in action.

On The Side
House-Made Wavy Kettle Chips VV, gF
Mac N Cheese w/ green chiles V
Stir-Fry Veggies VV, gF
Rice Pilaf VV, gF
Apple Slaw V, gF

Specialty Sweets
Fresh Apple Fritters V
(a house specialty!)
Cinnamon fritters packed with fresh apples, with light lemon glaze.
Apple Fritter Frenzy! V
3 Apple Fritters, house-made caramel sauce, & REAL whipped cream!

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite (cans)
Coffee/Decaf, Hot Tea, Hot Cocoa

V=Vegetarian, VV=Vegan, gF=Gluten Free

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