Grillin N Chillin Food

Grillin N Chillin is a Gourmet Food Truck operated by a professional chef with 40+ years of culinary training and experience.

“Gourmet”? So, you mean fancy, snooty, EXPENSIVE???

Not at all!

So, what makes it “gourmet”? 

How about because our food is “approachably designed and prepared for discerning palates”?

That’s right, gourmet food doesn’t have to be (and in our opinion shouldn’t be) over-worked, gussied-up, funky ingredient-laden, costly, tiny plates of foam and frou-frou.

To us, a well-made sandwich carefully assembled from the finest ingredients is gourmet, as is a simple Fresh Apple Fritter, made from scratch with all fresh ingredients.  Or a seasonal salad, or a rice bowl crafted with each component thoughtfully complimenting the others and presented with elegant simplicity.

And if there is a health component to it, like our extensive use of fresh vegetables, char-grilled (not griddled in grease or fried) meats, and Made-From-Scratch menu items – all the better!

That’s what Grillin N Chillin food is all about.

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