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Food Festivals, especially those centered around food trucks) have become a summer rite of passage across the entire USA.  Here, in Arizona, they go on ALL YEAR 'ROUND!!  In the north country (Flagstaff, Payson, The White Mountains) we rock all summer long.  In the lower central (Phoenix Valley up through Prescott and Sedona and beyond) and southern AZ (Tucson, Bisbee, Wilcox etc) winter is when you'll find some of the best food fests in the country. 
Food Festivals, Street Fairs, Balloon Fests, Music Festivals, Art & Craft Fairs, Wine and Beer Festivals, Rodeos, and Food Truck Rallies  are Grillin N Chillin's bread-and-butter so here are a few FAQs about bringing Grillin N Chillin to your next big event (or finding Grillin at one coming up soon!).

How do I find at which events & festivals Grillin will be serving?
Easy - there are LOTS of ways… 

Who do I contact about having Grillin vend at our festival?
Contact David (voice/text) 928-242-4099 or 

Does Grillin cook the same menus at Festivals as for lunch stops or catering ?
While all of the Grillin menus are char-grilled-based, festival menus have their own special considerations.  For one, we're often hundreds of miles from our home base and commissary kitchen.  That means we have to bring everything we need with us and can't just run home to restock.  For a three-day festival, that requires some tight packing and planning!  We also have to be able to get food out FAST (over 100 meals an hour sometimes) so menu items have to be chosen conducive to speed.  Lastly, festival-goers are often looking for snacks or easy-to-eat hand food instead of full meals so GrillFire Chicken Skewers or Grilled Mexican Street Corn might be on the menu but not big sandwich platter meals.

Why are Food Truck menu prices higher at festivals than for catering or at lunch stops?

Good question! Everybody complains about how expensive food is at fairs and festivals and most assume that it is the food vendors making a killing at the expense of the "captive audience" attendees.  Well, one of the dirty little secrets about festivals is how much many organizers charge those food vendors to participate.  Up to a point, it is understandable (after all, they have a lot of expenses in securing the venue, marketing, security etc), but some situations become completely usurious.  Click here for a little food truck festival economics.

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